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Roads Through Wyoming

The place to find Roadside History from the Equality State

Wyoming has had an enormous impact on the United States

and the world. The Mountain Man era, when the boundaries of the United States, Spain, and Great Britain set the borders of modern Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A. was centered in Wyoming. The Immigrant Trail, the wagon route that led Mormons to "Deseret" and homesteaders to "manifest destiny" in California and Oregon, runs through the heart of the state.

And suffrage, women's right to vote, was voted into law in Wyoming a full 50 years before being adopted in the United States and defined Wyoming as "The Equality State." You will find all of this history and more along the

Roads Through Wyoming.


Interstate 80


The Lincoln Highway


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A Roadside History


Jackson Hole


and the
Washakie Trail

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